My Top Three Blogs

I am fairly new to blogs and therefore I don’t have the blog expertise to know how a blog should function or look like as I don’t really look at blogs as much as I should. So, when we were set to look for research blogs that we found interesting, I was introduced to all kinds of blogs… I liked the designs and layout of most of the blogs I looked at but here is my Top Three Blogs that I found interesting and will definitely follow.

1. Creative Bloq


This blog is all to do with arts and crafts. They have showcases and features all to do with a whole range of art forms and artistic mediums. They also offer tips and advice in order to create small projects. The aspects I liked about this blog is how it contains a variety of different categories of art genres including an A-Z lists of words related to art, digital and media. This made it easier to find everything and present a lot of things to explore and do. Being a visual person, I liked the use of images and showcases of artworks was interesting to me in comparison to a lot of writing.

2. Gaping Void


This blog is a personal blog created to combine the concept of business and technology with art. This blog aims to help with companies and make a better effect for businesses and business culture through art, mostly drawing. The element of cartoon and comic style drawings was something that attracted me to this blog. I never really thought of business and art to be two worlds that would, go hand in hand but this blog has definitely changed my perspective  of thinking that way. Now, I don’t think of business as such a boring topic especially if it’s infused with cute comic drawings.

3. The Peach Kitchen


This is a Filipino blog all to do with food, home, life and love. It is ran by a mum who uses the blog as a stress relief and to tell stories all to do with aspect of her life. The blog is her way of sharing and discovering her journey through cooking and just life in general with her family and people she encounters along the way. I found this blog to be very wholesome and honest. I liked the way her blog is like a narrative, making it an overall good read. The whole blog is just really sweet and I especially loved all the recipes and delicious food featured.

Being Connected…Vine

Being Connected… Means That… Someone In The World… Will Constantly… Be Worrying… That There Is…NO WIFI!

The process behind my vine is a personal problem I often have and I’m sure most people have. The fact that we are unable to connect to our different social media websites and use our apps is a real pain. I decided to use various sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Snapchat and Dubsmash to emphasise on the different variety of apps I use on a daily basis in order to communicate with my peers and the rest of the world. But without the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, communication suddenly seems impossible. When we are unable to become connected with everyone we know, we feel a sense of isolation and a little lost…a bit like the Wi-Fi connection. I think having no Wi-Fi has become a social problem for everyone and something we have been known to constantly search for all the time.

This Vine is also intended to be humorous in terms of how we have become so socially involved online that Wi-Fi has become that trusted companion or friend we crave all the time and all year long.